Seed, Plant, Grow! 

Is it Too Late to Start My Garden?


While January and February may be the best times to start planning for your yearly garden and even to begin planting in some warmer climates, March thru May are also optimum for putting your seeds/plants in the warming soil of Spring. So, April is upon us and as the saying goes, "April showers, bring May flowers." So bring out your garden hoe and shovels and get ready to for an exciting time to "Seed, Plant and Grow" your favorite fruits, vegetables, herb & spices and flowers! 

April is the best time to plant most of your vegetable seeds after the last seasonal frost. It's still not too late to plant tomatoes and peppers from seeds as well. Remember to try a continual 7-10 day sowing of your seed varieties. This will yield you continual crops and not one large harvest with possibly wasted crops. If you have not prepared for a large undulating yield, it is possible that you will sadly end up with a a portion of rotting harvest. I remember my parents consistently offering friends and neighbors to come and pick their choices from our yearly garden. As a child, I had no idea that this was an invaluable provision for some who might otherwise struggle to feed their families. Let us also remember those in need as we Live the Green Life!

So, here is what you should be planting in April:

Beans                    Cucumbers           Peas

Beets                     Herbs                    Peppers

Cabbage               Lettuce                  Summer Squash

Carrots                  Melons                  Tomatoes

Corn                      Onions


Also see the Fruit & Vegetable Planting Table below...

Planting Guide.jpg